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Upcoming SWAP 🎁 ETNX, ETNXP, and LTNX hodlers will be receiving a swap rate of ₮3 in CRFI for every ₮1 in ETNX, ETNXP, or LTNX. Example, ₮100 of ETNX, ETNXP, or LTNX will receive ₮300 in CRFI (in any market) Buy ETNX, ETNXP or LTNX now before the swap and park at or Webnero Trade💰ETNX, ETNXP, LTNX and CRFI are available for BUY/SELL in various trading pairs at exchange affiliates ⚠️ Stay tuned to @etnxnews @etnxpnews @ltnxnews @crfinews for official announcement of the swap dates.

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